From: David Burton
Date: Sun, 22 Feb 2004 17:22:19 -0500 (EST)
Subject: cheap ISPs, broadband ISPs

Hi xxxxx,

Here's the link to information on inexpensive dial-up ISPs:

Cheap national ISPs listed on that site are:

Some non-nationwide ISPs that serve at least parts of NC:

Note: be sure to read the most recent "comments" for whatever
ISP you are considering.  Also, to reduce the hassle if they
go out of business or you get annoyed with them, I recommend
that you use Yahoo or Hotmail or similar for your email, so
that your email address doesn't have to change if you switch

This one is quite popular, and costs only $5/month:


Don't expect great customer service for $5/month, but, after
all, you don't get great customer service from "the big boys"
for $20/month, either.  :-/

For broadband (Cablemodem and DSL), there are quite a few
choices, too.  Because I'm a geek who can't afford to have no
internet access during an outage, I have BOTH cablemodem and
DSL.  I have Roadrunner cablemodem, and PortBridge DSL.  Each
has its (dis)advantages.

Portbridge has much better customer service, but Roadrunner is
a bit faster.

Sometimes there is useful information about local ISPs here
(use either link):


This site can find many (but not all) of the DSL providers
that have service in this area:

DSL providers in Wake Co. include BellSouth, PortBridge, Britsys,
and a few others, but all are using BellSouth's wire, and most
are using BellSouth's equipment, too.  But you'll probably get
better customer service from PortBridge and BritSys than from

If you go with PortBridge, please tell them that I sent you!

Cablemodem providers include: Time-Warner Roadrunner,
Earthlink, and AOL, but all are using Time-Warner's wire:

Best regards,

-Dave Burton